Tzu Chi University

Disclosure of Collecting, Handling and Using of New Student Personal Information

依據「個人資料保護法」 (以下簡稱個資法),請詳細閱讀慈濟學校財團法人慈濟大學(以下簡稱本校)依個資法第8條及第9條規定所為以下「新生註冊之個人資料蒐集、處理及利用告知事項」。

In order to protect student’s privacy and sensitive data from possible misuse, Tzu Chi University (TCU) has created the following details of the above mentioned disclosure in compliance with Clauses Eight and Nine of the “Personal Information Protection Law” (the Law).


  • 機關名稱:慈濟學校財團法人慈濟大學 
  1. Name of the institution where collecting, handling and using of new student’s information are conducted: Tzu Chi University (TCU)
  • 個人資料蒐集之目的:
  • 就學契約關係事項(含學雜費及各項費用繳納)(069)
  • 提供註冊、學籍、成績、選課相關證明之資(通)訊服務(135)
  • 資(通)訊與資料庫管理(136)
  • 教育相關調查、統計與研究分析(157)
  • 學生學籍及修業(含畢、肄業生)資料管理(158)
  • 學術研究(159)
  • 學生證等學籍、成績文件證明處理(168)
  • 教育或訓練行政(109)
  • 依法辦理保險及健康檢查等相關事項(063)
  • 存款與匯款(036)
  • 獎助學金審核撥款(069)
  • 工讀生管理及薪資提撥(069)
  • 圖書館、出版品管理(146)
  • 其他完成學生輔導、畢業流向追蹤調查必要之工作或經學生同意之目的。
  1. Purpose: Collecting student’s personal information is essential for TCU in administering the following listed functions as an educational institution.
  2. Invoice and receive students’ tuition and fee payment as part of the enrollment process.
  3. Provide registration services and academic record, including status, grade and course enrollment.
  4. Maintain TCU databases where students’ current contact information is stored.
  5. Perform education related survey, statistical analysis, and research.
  6. Compilation of student records, enrollment history and graduation records.
  7. Register academic research records.
  8. Issue student id, diploma, and transcript.
  9. Staff training of related business functions.
  10. Purchase student insurance policy and perform health examination.
  11. Transfer funds between students and TCU.
  12. Review scholarship or financial aid application, and subsequent fund release.
  13. Manage student employees’ and their payroll process.
  14. Manage library and publications.
  15. Student counseling, alumni contact, or other needed matters with student’s consensus.



  • 透過各管道錄取生之招生資料轉入個人資料。
  • 透過新生親送、郵遞或網路報名而取得考生個人資料。
  • 透過當年度新生網路填寫學生個人資料。
  • 學生在學期間因應學籍、成績、課務、輔導、活動、獎助學金及畢業等需求提出之各類書面申請表件。

III.  Access to student personal information will be obtained through the following sources:

  1. Document of accepted admission.
  2. Admission application submitted by applicant.
  3. Required forms for new student.
  4. Various forms submitted by student for requesting TCU services related to student records, grades, curriculum, counseling, activities, scholarship, financial aid, and graduation.



  • 辨識個人者(C001)、辨識財務者(C002)、政府資料中之辨識者(C003)、個人描述(C011)之性別、出生年月日、國籍、族籍等、家庭其他成員細節(C023)之監護人或緊急連絡人等、移民情形(C033)、護照、居留證明文件、學校紀錄(C051)、資格或技術(C052)、工作經驗(C064)、保險細節(C088)。
  • 前項各款個人資料類別,內容包括姓名、國民身分證或居留證或護照號碼、生日、相片、性別、教育資料、緊急聯絡人、住址、電子郵遞地址、聯絡資訊、家庭狀況、約定轉帳帳戶、低收入戶或中低收入戶證明方式等。

IV. Codes assigned to identify various types of information.

  1. C001 – individual’s identification.
  2. C002 – financial profile.
  3. C003 – governmental data identifier.
  4. C011 – demographic description, i.e., gender, date of birth, ethnicity, nationality.
  5. C023 – family members, i.e., guardian, parents, contact person in case of emergency.
  6. C033 – immigration status, i.e., passport, residency proof document.
  7. C051 – school record.
  8. C052 – credential or skill.
  9. C064 – work experience.
  10. C088 – insurance policy.

The above mentioned information includes name, ID number, ARC number, passport number, date of birth, photo, gender, education background, emergency contact, physical address, email address, phone number, family profile, bank account number, and low-income household proof.


  • 期間:
  1. 學生(含畢、結業生)之學籍(含學期成績)資料永久保存。
  2. 考生個人資料及相關試務(含成績)資料,除法令或主管機關另有規定外,以上開蒐集目的完成所需之期間為利用期間。錄取後之學生資料將依本校相關規定利用與保存。
  • 地區:台灣地區 (包括澎湖、金門及馬祖等地區)或經學生授權處理、利用之地區。
  • 對象:教育部或其他法定主管機關、合作金融機構、保險公司、醫院及其他為達前述蒐集個資目的所需利用個資之機關。
  • 方式:
  1. 學生在學期間之課務、活動、成績、學籍、輔導作業、圖書館及相關館際服務,學期成績預警資訊等資料之發送通知;學生及家長或法定代理人(父母或監護人)之聯絡。
  2. 各項獎助學金或工讀薪資撥款。
  3. 學生畢(結)業離校後之流向追蹤輔導及邀請畢業校友參與學校辦理之學術、聯誼活動等。
  4. 教育部或其授權之評鑑機構基於教育調查、統計與研究分析等目的所進行的調查訪視之必要方式。
  5. 其他為達前述蒐集個資之目的所需的必要方式。

V.  Scope of Use of collected personal information.

  1. Length of storage
    1.)  Academic record will be stored permanently for all students enrolled.
    2.)  Applicant’s information, including examination score, is to be used only for the stated purpose, unless otherwise instructed by authorized government agencies. Once admitted and registered to TCU, the use of such information will follow TCU’s own guidelines.
  1. Geographic areas affected
    Taiwan, including Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu or other areas authorized by student.
  1. Institutions sharing the information
    Ministry of Education or other authorized government agency, associated financial company, insurance company, hospital and other organization with need to perform such function.
  1. Designated functional process
    1.)  Notifications for enrolled students on academic matters, activities, status, tutoring, libraries access, pre-warning on marginal grade. Communication with student’s guardian.
    2.)  Release of funds from scholarship, financial aid or work-study program.
    3.)  Communication with alumnus in regard to continuous association and invitation to academic or social events.
    4.)  Survey conducted by Ministry of Education or its authorized agencies and subsequent statistics analysis.
    5.)  Other means necessary to achieve the above designated functions.


VI.  In the case of missing student data that will jeopardize student’s record, or hinder notification of emergency matter, or delivery of grades.


VII.  Student is responsible of the accuracy of all information provided. Should correction or update be needed, proof of authentication is required when submitting to Academic Affairs Department for correction.


VIII.  Upon request from authorized government agencies or law enforcement agencies, TCU will provide student information as requested.

IX.  Student has the following rights towards his/her own personal information:

  1. request, browse, update, and correction;
  2. request for photo copies;
  3. request for stop of collecting, handling, using and removal of personal information according to Clause Three of the Law. TCU reserves the right to reject such request when it interferes with TCU’s business functions;
  4. details of how to exercise such request can be obtained through TCU’s Academic Affairs Department;

TCU bears no responsibility should any damage occur to the student’s rights as a consequence from such request.


X. For students under age 20, all notifications will be delivered to their designated guardian. The guardian has the right to make the same requests as stated in clause VIII in this disclosure. Student may request, through the Office of Academic Affairs, a change of notification recipient to his/her self upon reaching age 20.